Fuck Yeah Psylocke

Elizabeth 'Betsy' Braddock
The Telepathic, Telekinetic, Deadly yet Elegant
British Ninja


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Uncanny X-Force #8 Preview
Writer: Sam Humphries
Art by: Dalibor Talajic, Adrian Alphona
Cover by: Kris Anka
The Story:
• The Fantomex Love Pentagram explodes!
• With the truth about their sordid past fully revealed, can Fantomex, Psylocke, and Cluster look each other in the eye?
• Every psychic ninja needs a vicious animal with no impulse control and a short temper to back her up…right?
• Puck! Man, does that guy love jerky. Especially buffalo and bison jerky, dipped in Canadian whiskey.
• Plus: a terrifying surprise villain from the X-past is definitely playing chess, not checkers, across Los Angeles.
In Stores: July 17, 2013

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